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My Short Life as a Zombie

My Short Life as a - Series Book 1

MSL Book 1 Cover Promo 2020.jpg

It should have been just another Monday. Another humdrum day in a long-string of boring days spent at the office drooling over the girl of his dreams. Bobby’s regular routine of getting ready for work, and the lack-luster life spent in a cubicle, are hilariously detailed as Bobby finds himself bouncing between the day’s activities and strange semi-lucid moments of sounds and images that he can’t quite make sense of. Join Bobby as he struggles to piece together the curious chaos all around him while reliving moments of the day in comedic clarity in My Short Life as a Zombie.

MSL_Series AudioBook 1 Cover Promo 2020.
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My Short Life as a Werewolf

My Short Life as a - Series Book 2

MSL Book 2 Cover Promo 2020.jpg

The nightmare that began in My Short Life As A Zombie reaches new heights of mind-blowing apocalyptic mayhem, as shape-shifters confront the undead. But is it possible for anything – even werewolves – to stop the zombie apocalypse?

The dead returned to Chicago less than a day ago: ravenous mobs, mindless and ever-expanding, with an endless appetite for human flesh. Not even the U.S. military, massive explosions, and napalm can slow them down.

Valerie barely survived an attack by her infected co-worker, Bobby. Now she has to find a way across the infected city, through millions of the walking dead, to rescue her young brother, trapped in the attic of their murdered parents’ home. It seems impossible, insane …

… until a shape-changing creature, more animal than man, rescues her from the zombie horde and gives her a gift that will change her into something far greater – and far more dangerous – than simply human. But will it be enough?




From Another Planet Book 1

RZ Book 1 Cover Promo 2020.png

A young girl and her friend go on a journey to find her father but have to battle evil zombie robots.

Just Beneath The Skin


JBNS Book 1 Cover Promo 2020.png

Sean is a prisoner of Statedville prison. He's only a few days from being released and it's the last thing he wants to happen. Sean never want to leave Stateville, so he asked to meet the most dangerous prisoner of Stateville. A man they called 1435 and when he does final get to meet the monster of Stateville. Sean is give a gift that kills for one particular reason.

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